Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous sponsors.
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Kim Kromas, San Pedro Health Center


– Allegro ($5,000 and above) –
The Rich Charitable Foundation
Scott Donnelly and Wade Nishimoto
Chuck and Marylyn Klaus

– Arabesque ($2,500) –

Carolina and Jeff Brown

Dr. Matthew and Roberta Jenkins
Steve Kleinjan, Clean San Pedro
John and Donna Papadakis
Marsela McGrane-Vogel and Bill Vogel


– Pointe ($1,000) –
Jim and Mary Armor

The Boys and Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor
Sharon Jassy
Liz Johnson
Megan Moore
Helene Rosenzweig
Shauna Bain Smith and Hudson H. Smith III


– Additional Contributions and In-Kind Donations –
20 Eyes
Matthew Accardo
Drs. Curtis & Melanie Adams
Richard and Kathleen Alvarez
Amalfitano Bakery
Donald and Deborah Briggs
Becky & Nick Campbell
Baby Cakes Baking Company
Dr. Rose Marie Banks
Jane and Robert Bard, Jr.
Robert Borden

Bristol Farms
Anthony Cigliano
City of Los Angeles
Cruz Furniture
Susan Taylor Davis
Dr. Minnie Douglas
Ms. Rhonda Dowdy
Fleur de Lis Artistry in Flowers
Keith Gibbs
Nick Gingold
Virginia Gomez
Adam Gonzalez, Image Realm
Elayne Grgas
The Happy Fundraiser
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Hardin
Greg and Kristen Hetzer
Neal Horowitz
Jim & Linda Howat
Martha Karl
Ms. Clarice Kavanaugh
Claudia Kreis
Last Minute Florist
Le Mar Photography
Dr. Solomon and Annette Little
Ms. Valerie Little
Willie and Berlie Little
Mayer’s Bakery
Consolina Mcosker
Michael Farmer Photography
Michael’s Tuscany Room
Thomas Nix
One Hour Photo, Etc.
Palos Verdes Art Center
Pearl Foundation
Polly Ann Bakery
James and Andreda Pruitt
Tamara Rawitt
Thomas and Barbara Robinson
Helene Rosenzweig
Richard and Jo-Ann Scandaliato
Victoria Sessler
Niya Rae Sheppard
The Siegel & Friend Foundation
Ret. Ltc. David and Bertha Sightler
So dances
Sal Sorrentino
Kristen Stafford
Rosemary Sundeen
Jenn VanBeveran
Sam Velazquez
Stephanie Petrofanis-Vezzuto and
Robert Vezzuto
Warner Grand Theatre
Robert T. Wolfenden