DancEd Steps Up

In-School Program

DancEd Steps Up has successfully provided dance education instruction (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip Hop) to children in public schools since 1995.

Public schools have nearly eliminated the arts curriculum. The arts, which include dance, are as essential to a child’s development as mathematics or science. Research has shown that Arts education strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to their overall academic success, improved test scores, and social skills.

Since its inception, San Pedro City Ballet has strived to provide quality dance instruction to children and youth. Through dance instruction and performance, we have witnessed children excel not only in their physical and emotional development, but their grades also improve. Many school teachers often remark that students enrolled in our program perform better in school, are more focused and healthier.

We currently provide dance instruction at sixteen public schools with over 1,400 children served in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our goal is to expand our outreach to more school sites. DancEd Steps Upaddresses the growing national concern regarding obesity in children and youth. Therefore, our program also encompasses healthy lifestyles, good nutrition habits and exercise in addition to teaching dance education and instruction.

DancEd Steps Up’s program goals:

  • 100% of students will learn a form of dance ~ Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, or Hip Hop or a combination of styles.
  • 100% of graduate students will demonstrate a life-long appreciation of dance and the role it plays in one’s life and career path.
  • 98% of students will develop coordination, flexibility, confidence, self-esteem, healthy lifestyles and nourishing eating habits.
  • 98% of San Pedro City Ballet students will graduate to middle school/high school with excellent attendance.
  • 75% of students will maintain a “C” grade average or better in school.
  • 75% of San Pedro City Ballet teen graduates will graduate to college and “give back” by serving as mentors to younger and beginning students.

Currently, 100% of participants are low-income or homeless, 44% are boys and 56% are girls, 88% are Hispanic, 6% African American, and 6% Caucasian or other.

Program Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors. Click here for information about how to support this program.

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Kim Kromas,
San Pedro Health Center